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Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

If there’s one thing we do even better than carpet cleaning in the home, it’s giving your fine orientals rugs the attention that they deserve. With a full service workroom and generations of know-how you can leave your worries behind.  We have treatment options for pet issues available. If you have pet issues let us know up front and we will build that into your estimate.

We do 500-1000 area rugs a year in our shop in a tempurature controlled room. We do multiple steps to ensure that your fine Area and Oriental Rugs get cleaned correctly

  1. We vacuum both sides of the rugs
  2. We run a CRB(counter rotating brush) over the rugs. A CRB is like a vacuum on steroids and both gets down where a vacuum can’t but also prepares the fibers for cleaning
  3. Spray our solution on. We do not count on heavy cleaning solutions but rather count on good quality lower PH options
  4. We run a buffer over the fibers to agitate them and to maximize our cleaning solutions. This allows us to not have to use harsh chemicals especially on wool rugs
  5. We do a nice hot steam cleaning
  6. Once dried we vacuum again both sides and roll up and prepare for pickup or delivery

Pick-Up & Delivery Service

With every call about area rugs we will discuss options for getting the rugs to us which are

  • You delivering the rug by appointment most weekdays between 8.30-2.30 but if your delivering the rug is not an option don’t worry!
  • We offer a very reasonable pick up and delivery service with two price tiers depending on whether or not the rugs are rolled up and ready or if we need to do it.

Give us a call now and we will be glad to take you through these options!

Rug Repairs

From binding to fringing to resizing and more, our full service workroom can take care of whatever repairs you need. One stop shopping to restore your heirlooms.

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