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Carpet Cleaning

Why have a professional clean my carpets?

  • The main reason to use a professional carpet cleaner is that our equipment is up to 10X more powerful than you can get with the portable units sold for household use
  • The manufacturers warranties on carpet insist on regular steam cleaning by professionals or it voids the warranty(check with who sold you the carpet for details but average is 18 months)
  • Portable units use chemicals that often react poorly with professional chemicals.
  • You think you are saving money by postponing cleaning but dirt acts like sand in carpets and wears out carpets prematurely. We recommend at worst you have your rugs professionally cleaned every 3 years
  • Carpets are comfortable but they also if left uncleaned can diminish the air quality in your home. For instance
  • cleaning removes dirt, debris, dust, AND bacteria from your floors

  • Removing pollutants, such as pet dander,

  • Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove dust mites from carpets
  • Helps to remove odors from cooking and other sources
  • We mention this elsewhere but our 3 part process ensures that detergents are not left behind which cause dirt to come back quicker

For all these reasons it is very important to use a professional cleaning service even if you have your own unit which ideally are only used for spot cleaning and traffic areas in between professional service

Why use Johnson Carpet Care?

So now that we have hopefully convinced you of the need to use a professional service we should cover what separates us from our competition and explain why we think we stand out from the crowd. Lot’s of people pay lip service to caring about customers but my experience as a consumer shows me this is not always the case. So here are what I think are the most important things that separate us from our competition!

  1. As the owner I answer almost every call or email we receive I do not use a service. If you leave a message during business hours and I am away I typically return calls very promptly but at worst within 24 hours
  2. I will work up an estimated price range based on your criteria. If you have special situations such as pet issues or flooding issues or if you have special timing needs will carefully listen to try and problem solve them and build them into your estimate as well as making sure that we are the right people to service your needs
  3. Kindness. From the first call and through the job you can expect a level of kindness and civility that I have not always found myself unfortunately
  4. Unlike the national chains we only book at most 3 jobs per day for our team so that we never feel the need to rush through the work
  5. Our team is NOT incentivized to up sell you. If they suggest an additional service it is for your benefit. The reason I mention this is I know the national chains highly incentivize their workers to up sell and I hear countless stories about how if they are not able to up sell they just buzz through the job quickly
  6. We use a three step process in carpet cleaning where most of our competition only bring in their wand and start scrubbing. This leaves detergent behind which causes carpets to get dirtier quicker. We first spray down our solution then we use on most jobs a buffer to agitate the fibers before doing our steam cleaning so we are doing a true rinse! You wouldn’t do a load of laundry without a rinse cycle why should your rugs made of similar fabrics be treated differently?
  7. We sell deodorizer for pet issues and carpet protector(generic Scotchguard) for where it makes sense. We do not push the extras nor do we overcharge for them. This is part of almost every estimate I give so again there is no upselling of these things on the job!  We are not there to pressure you we are there to clean for you!
  8. We accept All major credit cards as well as personal checks and cash and do not push to be paid in a way that benefits us but rather we are glad to accept the form of payment you wish

So as you can see from beginning to end we are here to service you. Please give us a call now at (215) 538-7287 and we will work up an estimate for you!

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