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We also do Carpet Stretching and Repair in Alburtis!
If you click on live links in each category it will take you to videos of those services and or more information as well!  Thank you for browsing! At any time please feel free to call 610-821-8221

Carpet Cleaning in Alburtis, Pa

Johnson Carpet Care has been cleaning wall to wall carpets in Alburtis since our start in 1958. We are the best local carpet cleaner near where you live in Alburtis PA!
Our Carpet Cleaning page details important facts and how we use a 3 step process that includes using a buffer to agitate the fibers. We do an advanced method of steam cleaning designed to get your rugs cleaner and to stay cleaner longer
Check this link to view our Youtube videos on all our services and to see if there are any current promotions!

Upholstery Cleaning in Alburtis, Pa

Carpets are not the only thing we clean in Alburtis. Lehigh Rug Service cleans all types of fabric upholstery Your furniture is very susceptible to getting grease and oils from skin Our process ensures we don’t leave detergent behind that facilitates this transfer Don’t’t let your furniture in Alburtis be cleaned in any other way.

Area/Oriental Rugs in Alburtis, Pa

Lehigh Rug Service has been cleaning Area and fine Oriental rugs in Alburtis since 1958. We are one of the few companies in the area that actually have a dedicated Area Rug Cleaning room in our shop. We have the experience you need to clean your fine Oriental and Area Rugs in Alburtis PA
Here is a video showing our Area Rug Cleaning Process
We can also refresh your stain protection or in the case of some wool rugs which were not treated originally give it the protection it needs so dirt and stain doesn’t cling letting rugs look better and last longer.
And if you need new fringe or binding done we will if needed pickup your rugs in Alburtis cut or bind or fringe as needed.
We also sell two types of area rug padding designed to both protect your floor and rugs but also to ensure the rugs don’t move.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Alburtis, Pa

Want to know what the real color of your grout in your ceramic tile in your house in Alburtis is? I learned from personal experience having my own tile and grout done in my house I didn’t even  know my grout wasn’t black. Give us a call and we will be happy to give you a price to clean your Tile and Grout
We will use our chemical along with a buffer to get deep down to get your tile and grout clean
Here is what our process can do!

Pet Odor Removal in Alburtis, Pa

While we love our pets sometimes they leave behind special gifts that cause odors to linger. At Lehigh Rug Service we have a few different ways we can get your Pet Odors out of your carpet and furniture in Alburtis!  Ask about Pet remediation when you call

Wood Floor Refinishing in Alburtis, Pa

Lehigh Rug Service also now does Wood Floor refinishing/restoration without sanding in Alburtis PA!  We use an emulsifier to get the dirt out of the floor and then do a deep cleaning phase that leaves floors looking great
Then we apply two coats of water based polyurethane in either Gloss or Satin so your floors look great. The picture on the left is a completed floor in Alburtis using satin finish. You can see the before during and after photos on our Wood Floor Before and after page!

New Flooring Sales and Installation in Alburtis, Pa

We also sell and install all types of flooring including carpet, wood and laminate floorings with professional installation. Give us a call and we will come out to your home in Alburtis and survey the job and show you samples with our mobile showroom! So no matter what type of floor you want we can make your dreams come true!

Lehigh Rug is a locally owned and operated local business serving the Lehigh Valley since 1958.


Alburtis, Pa fun facts

1-Alburtis is less than a square mile in total!

2- Alburtis was founded by Edward Alburtis an engineer

3-Alburtis and Lock Ridge Pa in the 1800s!

4- Alburtis actually has their own historical society